Thursday, April 19, 2018

Swap Time Anyone?

(please feel free to grab the button and spread the word)

Altered Paint Sample Card Swap:
6 for 6 (send in 6, receive 6 in return);
any size paint card will do;
please punch and reinforce your cards (top center);
please finish the back of your cards & include your info;
please include $5.00 in the USA
(international shipping will be much higher and must be paid via Paypal);
cards must me postmarked by May 30th
(one week earlier if sending from outside the USA)

You will receive 6 altered cards bundled with a large decorated binder ring.

My mailing info and email can be found on the swap page.

Let's have some fun!


Saturday, March 17, 2018

Paper Doll Swap #1

I have been saving this antique tri-fold photo mat for years,
waiting for the perfect projects.

I was thrilled when Jackie of
invited me to join her new doll swap group!

It has been so long since I have belonged to an art swap group,
and was excited to get started on our first challenge.

The first swap theme was
"Artist's Choice"
in which, we were to feature our own style.

Anyone of you who knows me even a bit,
knows that in my case,
that means vintage lace, floral patterns, sweet faces,
and a bit of glitter.

Thanks Jackie for this beautiful doll,
and for allowing me to join this fun group!

(sources for my doll:
papers: Prima Marketing - Lavender
face: Paper Whimsy
stamped dress and body: Character Constructions)

Happy Weekend,

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

How To Make A Frozen Charlotte Shrine Ornament

Today I am sharing how I made this lovely Spring shrine.
The full hanging length is 16 inches
and the width is a bit over 5 inches.

Here are the materials used (these are available as a kit):
vintage tart pan
antique German bisque doll (Frozen Charlotte)
wood wings
wood backing piece
stamped banner image
jewelry eye pins (2)
jewelry jump ring
beaded chain
glass chandelier crystal with wire attachment
flower beads (3)
glass pearl beads (2)
bag of green moss
torn sari silk
coffee dyed cheesecloth
paper rose buds (10)

And these are the basic craft tools and supplies needed:
hammer and awl
paint brush
RANGER Patina For All Metals in Victorian Gold
round nose pliers
cream paint (chalk or acrylic)
foam brush
sand paper
foam tape
tacky or hot glue
E6000 glue
scissors or wire snips

use a hammer and awl to make top and bottom holes in the tin
(the kits contain either the oval tin pictured here
or the diamond tin pictured in the kit photo;
kit pieces will arrive with holes punched)

paint the inside of the tin
(use any paint you like,
this patina by Ranger is a favorite of mine)

insert an eye wire into a glass bead,
insert it through one of the holes in the tin
keeping the bead on the outside of the tin,
wrap the end of the wire around the round nose pliers until taut;
repeat this on the other side


use a foam brush to apply a light coat of paint to the wings,
allow them to dry,
lightly sand to distress them a bit

(I like chalk paint,
acrylic is a perfectly acceptable alternative)

(apologies: there's no picture of the foam tape)

apply foam tape to the flat back of the tin,
peel the protective strip,
center and press the wood backing in place

use liquid glue to attach the wings to the wood backing piece

attach the beaded chain to the eye wire at one end,
attache the chandelier crystal to the end of the beaded chain

 attach the jump ring to the opposite eye wire,
thread the sari silk through the jump ring,
knot the ends of the sari silk

 bunch up the cheese cloth and secure with a dab of E6000 glue

use E6000 to secure the back of the doll to the tin

use a bit of hot glue to hold the doll in place while the E6000 dries)

 arrange and glue the moss as in the photo above

arrange 2 bundle of paper roses
(one with 3 roses and the other with 7 roses),
use one of the stems to wrap and secure the bunches,
trim the ends with scissors or wire snips

glue the roses in place

fussy cut the banner,
glue it to the doll like a sash

use hot glue to secure the 2 flower beads as shown

Please don't hesitate to ask questions.

The original and a limited number of kits
are available for purchase in my Etsy shops.

Wishing you a beautifully creative day!

Friday, March 2, 2018

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

50% Off Christmas And More

There are only a few Christmas items left in my shops,
but they are currently marked down 50%.
I would so appreciate you taking a look.

Wishing you a happy day!

Friday, February 23, 2018

6 Months In The Making...

Lots of pictures with this one!

This pink fabric and lace journal
was a project I began last summer.

As often happens,
it was set aside.

I stumbled across the unfinished journal just last month.

It was in a bin of pink bits,
which I was sorting for the kits I have been working on.

After some embellishing,
it was finally finished.

is a project like this ever really complete?

Every page is perfectly pink.

The images have all been printed on fabric.

The materials are a mix of vintage and new.

Together with the color pink,
the heart/love quotes are the common thread throughout.

As are the sweet little girl photos.

I love these embroidered flowers that I used as photo corners.

There are even a few cards of additional lace and trims.

A vintage metal frame hangs on one page.

There is very little machine sewing,
as I did mostly hand stitching.

The tiny locket on this page
has been left empty.
Perhaps waiting for a special photo or
even a secret message to be hidden away inside.

This adorable kitten and a vintage quilt block fill the last page.

The back cover has been left unembellished.

If you have stuck it out this far,
I thank you very much.

I will be making this available for purchase very soon.

Wishing you a beautiful weekend.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

And More Kits

Here is a peek at a few new kits just listed.

These are priced a bit higher than previous kits.

This is not the old bait and switch routine (LOL).
I am beginning to let some of my more precious treasures go,
like these gorgeous vintage rhinestone buttons, 

and this beautiful double stranded rhinestone tennis bracelet.
This lace piece is so very lovely.
It almost went into the keep pile.

Today's listings also include something handmade by me.
This ATC for instance,
has at its center an antique tintype photo.
The card can be disassembled 
and the bits used in new and wonderful ways.

I hope your day is lovely.


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